Fractional Ownership – the smart way to own a holiday home in Italy.

1.-Villa-Veneto-General-Brochure_Page_01-300x212 - Appassionata, Fractional Ownership, le Marche, Italy Appassionata evolved from our love and passion for Italy, we fell in love with the language, the people, art, history, food and wine. Le Marche has it all, and we wanted to find a way to share this piece of paradise with others.

Blending our professional business skills and marrying them with style, creativity and passion, Appassionata offers something unique – a boutique family owned fractional ownership business. Celebrating our 10th Anniversary! 

We offer a straightforward and cost-effective way of buying a holiday home in Italy, which is professionally managed and maintained throughout the year.

We sell 1/10th shares (five weeks exclusive residency each year) in your own unique property, professionally managed and maintained throughout the year.

Our most recent property, Villa Veneto is an historic and elegant Liberty Villa dating back to the1930’s. The house is laid out over 4 floors and been fully renovated and modernised. There are 3 terraces, a jacuzzi spa with 360° views, an underground ancient wine cellar, a games room with pool table and exquisitely furnished by the Interior Designer – ‘Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs’.

There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a large open living space with the original marble fireplace. 

A unique, spacious home situated in the historic town of Lapedona, with breathtaking views and just a short 5 minute drive from the coast. First 2 shares already sold!

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The Advantages of Fractional Ownership
  • Lifestyle purchase– excellent alternative to outright ownership
  • Economic sense– a fraction of the whole ownership cost
  • Flexible Residency Calendar – 5 week residency each and every year
  • Annual Running Costs – pay only 1/10th of the annual costs
  • Capital appreciation– bricks and mortar asset with proven positive returns
  • Confidence – over 47 owners can attest to this.
  • Asset– Easy to pass on to future generations
  • Simple re-sales– Proven future flexibility to sell
  • Property management– Peace of mind, where developers are also managers
  • Year-round community– It’s just like coming home
  • Location– Breathtaking and unique

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Appassionata Owners talking about the benefits of fractional ownership:-

The expense of buying a holiday home outright, along with the annual running costs seemed crazy, when you may only use the house for an average of 40 nights a year. Your holidays are often spent cleaning the house and pool, and weeding the garden. – That is why Appassionata was born!

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times

...buying a property outright in Italy seemed a daunting task with a myriad of pitfalls and problems. But then we discovered Appassionata…ahhh!

Deborah and Ray Yackel

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Celebrating 10 Years Of Appassionata!

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