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Do you dream of owning a unique holiday home in Italy, but can’t quite justify the expense involved in buying a luxurious property outright, as you may only be able to use it for a few weeks each year?

The average  holiday home is only used for 40 nights a year. Why pay for more?

Would you like the opportunity to buy into a much more prestigious property, close to the sea and mountains…….. at 90% less than the costs of buying outright?

Appassionata evolved from a love and passion for Italy, we fell in love with the language, the people, art, history, food and wine …. Le Marche has it all, and we wanted to find a way to share this piece of paradise with others.

We created our fractional ownership property business, Appassionata in 2007, to make the buying process more simple and straight-forward, without expensive tax or legal bills.

Please view our latest amazing property:

Benefits of Buying an Appassionata Property?

  • Buy the weeks you are actually going to use each year
  • Align your costs with your usage
  • Make a lifestyle investment to share with family & friends
  • Own a more luxurious holiday home than you thought possible
  • Share the annual running costs of the property
  • Own a fully furnished interior designed home
  • Have your holiday home managed and serviced
  • Easy access to sea and mountains
  • Start your holiday the minute you arrive

Appassionata sell 1/10th shares (5 weeks exclusive residency each year) in unique properties to like minded people, who see the economic sense of only buying the weeks they will realistically use.

Only 8 shares remaining in our latest property, Il Riposo, our previous 3 properties having sold out.

The property is professionally managed and maintained year round, you just arrive, indulge and relax.

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We started meeting holiday home owners locally, most of whom were only using their property for a few weeks each year and worrying about it once they went home. The expense of buying a holiday home outright, along with the annual running costs seemed crazy, when you may only use the house for an average of 40 nights a year. Your holidays are often spent cleaning the house and pool, and weeding the garden. – That is why Appassionata was born!

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