Victor & Sandra Jason – Casa Tre Archi

January 13, 2017

Sandra & I had a dream about owning a home in Italy. We we’re looking for a fully renovated property in a charming medieval hill town in a region of Italy not over-run by tourists and equidistance between the mountains and the sea. 

After over a year of research on the internet looking at real estate and learning about the complex process of purchasing a home in Italy, I came across an Appassionata internet advertisement for a fractional ownership opportunity in Petritoli, Italy.  Fractional ownership in Casa Tre Archi was a much more pragmatic approach to owning a home in Italy. The property was meticulously restored and fractional ownership was the solution to all of the expense and hassle of overseas home ownership. 

The Le Marche region of Italy was exactly what we were looking for. “All of Italy in one region” Fewer tourists and where more Italian spoken. After a one week discovery visit in February 2016, our dream had finally come true. “la vita vera”