Joe Pass – Casa Leopardi & Casa Tre Archi

January 10, 2017

About ten years ago, I lived and worked in Italy as a dual citizen. When I returned to the United States after my time in Italy I vowed to return on a permanent basis and thus set about purchasing property in Italy that I could one day call my home and which would fulfill my Italian dream.

For several years, I visited virtually every corner of the country in search of my dream. During my search, I came across many wonderful locations; however, it wasn’t until the spring 2013 that I discovered the fulfillment of my Italian dream- Appassionata, a family run fractional ownership business, situated in the stunning region of Le Marche.

During my inspection trip, the Hobbs family, with unparalleled hospitality, showcased everything Le Marche, Montefiore dell’Aso and Appassionata had to offer. Within a day staying in the beautiful farmhouse, Casa Leopardi on Estate Giacomo Leopardi, I knew this was the property for me. It is quintessential Italy.

Purchasing into Estate Giacomo Leopardi has been the best lifestyle and business decision I’ve ever made. I look forward to many wonderful years ahead with family and friends at my Italian home!