Deborah & Ray Yackel – Casa Tre Archi

January 10, 2017

The lovely Appassionata family – Dawn, Michael, India and Charlie welcomed us warmly to the area and assisted us in making a seamless purchase of the property. Most helpful is the fact that they have assimilated into the local culture with their ability to speak fluent Italian, providing us understanding and guidance in our new environment. With this fractional ownership, our property is managed and cared for throughout the year while we are thousands of miles away in the US, meaning we can relax as soon as you arrive. We have never felt more certain about any endeavor in our lives and are truly ecstatic about the purchase that has made our Italian dream come true.

On our many holiday trips to Italy, we fell in love with the region of Le Marche with its beautiful landscapes and people. From the white-pebble beaches along the Adriatic, to ancient towns and hamlets dotting the countryside of rolling patchwork hills, up to the high-rise mountain ranges of Monti Sibillini, Le Marche is one of Italy‘s little-known treasures. “All of Italy in one” as described by the Marchigiani.

How we dreamed of one day owning a home in this beautiful region! Yet coming from the US and being so far away, buying a property outright in Italy seemed a daunting task with a myriad of pitfalls and problems. But then we discovered Appassionata…ahhh!