Coleen & Duncan Rouse – Casa Tre Archi

January 10, 2017

I spotted an advert for Casa Tre Archi on an Italian agency’s website. I got the most positive response from my husband to any property I had ever shown him. He liked the idea of Fractional Ownership!

Appassionata offer an opportunity to stay overnight in the property in order to get a true sense of the place and as we found ourselves driving the 4-1/2 hours up from the South to Le Marche and taking almost two days of our week overall to do so, we questioned whether we weren’t slightly mad? And the landscape was so different, I was already missing Puglia.  We were met with a warm welcome by the lovely India, daughter of Michael and Dawn who showed us round the property. It felt so comfortable and so solid and beautiful but at the same time familiar, like a home from home.

We got to spend time with the Appassionata team and learn who they are as people and all about their passions and love of Italy and family life when they took us out for dinner in the evening in a great little trattoria just around the corner from the house.

I slept so well that night. The bed was so comfortable.

We had coffee and croissants at a lovely café on the coast before driving back to Puglia the following day. Everything seemed very ordered and clean.  Something had changed. Puglia still felt like home but we noticed things we hadn’t noticed before…. realised that a Fractional Ownership in Le Marche offered so many more possibilities and was a better option all round. Tre Archi is a property we could visit all year round in an area that is centrally placed so as lovers of Italy, we can still visit other areas too. Maybe spend a night or two or even a week before or after our stay in Petritoli!

So many of our friends have given up their ‘holiday homes’ because they seem to spend all their time working hard fixing or cleaning or preparing for friends to visit. We love the idea that at Tre Archi everything is prepared for you so that when you arrive you can just relax and enjoy your time there and then leave with nothing to worry about.

We live in a real village in England with real people and we wanted to find something real in Italy too. And we know we have found it.

The whole purchase process was very transparent and clear and we can’t wait to enjoy many more wonderful stays.