The Times – Get a share of the buona vita in Le Marche

May 24, 2013

A lovely article written by the Times Newspaper in the UK about the great properties created by Appassionata.

The Good Property Guide

April 2013

'Getting to know Michael and Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs from Appassionata - The Good Property Guide talks about Italian property, fractional ownership and truffle growing with Appassionata.'

Abode 2 Magazine

March 2013

Wonderful four page article on the Appassionata story and the Estate Giacomo Leopardi development. Includes a glowing testimonial from Owners in Casa Leopardi.


February 2013

An informative Q & A session on friends buying a property together.

Daily Express

June 2012

'High Life on a Low Budget' a very interesting national newspaper article on fractional ownership and featuring a number of projects including Appassionata.

Aspirational Magazine

Spring 2012

'Life is for Living' why a famous music film producer has bought a fractional share on the Estate Giacomo Leopardi.


February 2012

'Against the Odds...' owners in Appassionata explain their reasons behind buying into a fractional property with Appassionata.

Aspirational Magazine

February 2012

Family Matters' - an insight to the family business called Appassionata...


January 2012

'Our Life with Fractional Ownership' - Peter and Anita Wakeham share their happy experience buying into fractional ownership.

Aspirational Magazine Autumn/Winter 2011/12

December 2011

An article in luxury regional magazine, Aspirational, on Appassionata's success with Casa Giacomo and the unveiling of Casa Leopardi.