Daily Express

June 2012

'High Life on a Low Budget' a very interesting national newspaper article on fractional ownership and featuring a number of projects including Appassionata.

Aspirational Magazine

Spring 2012

'Life is for Living' why a famous music film producer has bought a fractional share on the Estate Giacomo Leopardi.


February 2012

'Against the Odds...' owners in Appassionata explain their reasons behind buying into a fractional property with Appassionata.

Aspirational Magazine

February 2012

Family Matters' - an insight to the family business called Appassionata...


January 2012

'Our Life with Fractional Ownership' - Peter and Anita Wakeham share their happy experience buying into fractional ownership.

Aspirational Magazine Autumn/Winter 2011/12

December 2011

An article in luxury regional magazine, Aspirational, on Appassionata's success with Casa Giacomo and the unveiling of Casa Leopardi.

Flybe Magazine

October 2011

An article on entreprenuers that set up businesses overseas. A nice article on the Hobbs family establishing the Appassionata business in Italy.

Italia! Magazine

April 2011

Magazine Article with testimonials from a number of our very satisfied owners!

Leicester Mercury Business Section Article

March 2011

This is an excellent double page spread in the Leicester Mercury Newspaper. This was following an interview with the business editor.

Ownership Perspective Magazine

March 2011

Magazine article about the Enduro India Motorcycle Rally undertaken by Michael Hobbs, and sponsored by Appassionata, that took place in Feb 2011. Over -80,000 was raised for charity, over -8000 by Michael.