Living in a piazza in a medieval town in Italy is a great way to fully immerse yourself in everyday Italian living. This lovely working medieval village is home to a wider community of over 2500 inhabitants spread across a number of different frazione (smaller hamlets) and the local countryside, with a total area of 23.8km2.

There is an amazing array of historic buildings and piazza to be found when exploring Petritoli. Four churches, a restored Civic Tower (with viewing terrace), a small theatre and tranquil historic cemetery to name but a few.

Three Arches, anchored by 15th century turrets, dramatically form the entrance to the village, a welcome sight on arrival.

One of the turrets forms the living room wall of Casa Tre Archi, a lovely historic feature.

The day starts with elderly inhabitants meandering to morning mass, beckoned by the church bells. The local cafes, busy with people grabbing their early morning coffee and pastry before work, the sound of shutters opening, the beginning of another day.

The two bars in the village offer different experiences, from the hustle and bustle of Bar Gelateria Tre Archi, home to amazing artisan made ice cream, to the lovely garden at the front of Fanny’s Bar, where you can while away the long summer evenings.

We love that so many people walk through a piazza and not drive, giving time for one another to greet each other and stop for a gossip.

The local shop owners get to know you by name and greet you warmly on your return and are ready to entice you with your favourite foods! The local produce is a real treat for those that love to cook with fresh ingredients and often grown in the surrounding valleys.

Everything goes quiet over the very important part of the day, lunchtime, where you have a great choice of cafés and restaurants, another great advantage of living in a village, its never far to go for great food and company!

Choice for dinner is excellent, with three highly regarded restaurants (Ristorante Re Squarchio, Osteria della Cornacchie & Ristorante Roma) and a Pizzeria ‘Girasole’, all within easy walking distance of Casa Tre Archi. The quality of the Petritoli restaurants is remarkable for such a small community but not surprising when you consider the Italians love of food.

The local theatre, Teatro dell’Iride, is very professional and puts on some great operatic productions and musicians from all over the world arrive each year to compete in an international oboe competition. It has been beautifully restored over the years and has also become a venue for many weddings, especially from overseas.

You can partake in any one of the numerous summer festivals and markets held in the main Piazza or just sit in one of the bars, sipping a glass of prosecco watching the world go by.

Casa Tre Archi is situated in a prominent position at the entrance to this medieval Village, on top of a panoramic hill, 350m above sea level, benefiting from amazing views to the Adriatic Sea and Sibillini mountains.

Due to this position overlooking the Valdaso valley, Petritoli is referred to as the ‘Balcone sulla Valdaso’ – the Balcony of the Valdaso!

We’d like to warmly invite you to see it with your own eyes, so please, get in touch, and join us for a discovery visit where you can experience it for yourself.