Adventure Ashram

The adventurer's charity

In March 2012, Appassionata became a corporate partner of Adventure Ashram – the adventurer’s charity.

Adventure Ashram is a charity founded and supported by adventurers. The charity stems from the shared vision of a group of well-respected conservation, health and educational professionals in India and adventure enterprise Nomadic Knights. Nomadic Knights run many spectacular motorcycling adventures across India and are a constant inspiration for the charity’s ‘Adventure’ namesake; the ‘Ashram’ counterpart derives from the ancient Sanskrit word for protection.

Adventure Ashram’s mission is to help the poorest people on or around the routes global adventurers travel through, by supporting local health and education projects. Since 2007, adventurers have been giving back to the communities that live in the places they explore helping to raise in excess of £500,000.

Adventure Ashram is currently supporting five health and education projects in South and North India which aim to relocate, educate, rescue, rehabilitate, feed and vaccinate children to give them a better start in life: Adventure Ashram is committed to helping these projects long term, but needs further support to do so, whether it be sponsoring the education of a child, or becoming a partner for a specific project.

Appassionata have chosen to partner with a specific project run by Odanadi, a charity based in Mysore, Karnataka that rescues and rehabilitates children affected by human trafficking. Adventure Ashram donated a total of £68,000 to Odanadi in 2012 in order to complete a building project that will, when complete, house 18 boys who have been rescued from the hands of brothel owners and sex traffickers, others from abusive homes, child marriages, slavery or domestic abuse. Having a safe home makes a huge difference to the lives of these children and dramatically improves their rehabilitation process.

Michael Hobbs, one of Appassionata’s founders visited this project in November 2014 when travelling on the Great Big South India Adventure, organised by Adventure Ashram and Nomadic Knights. Michael created “the Bullet Boys“, a group of likeminded middle aged friends who wanted to explore India on motorcycle while raising money to help build the boys home dining hall. We organised corporate sponsorship from a number of well-known local and national businesses and had the tremendous support of our families and friends in raising an additional £20,000 to finish this project. Please view some photos from the trip here.

By providing a safe place to live with better standards, Odanadi can work with each boy to develop the skills they need to heal, empower, educate and eventually reintegrate themselves back into mainstream society. Ultimately the aim is to reunite trafficking victims with their families and give them the necessary tools to face mainstream society as strong, confident, empowered individuals. The cycle of abuse, neglect and violation of a child’s rights is broken thanks to the support from Adventure Ashram, its partners and fundraisers.

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